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Author:Laxman Burdak, IFS (R)

Lahor (लहोर) is a town and tahsil of of Swabi District in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Alexander Cunningham[1] has identified Salatura, birth place of Panini, with village Lahor/Lavor, situated four miles to the north-east of Ohind.


  • Lahor लहोर, जिला अटक, पाकिस्तान, (AS, p.814)
  • Lahur (लाहुर) (AS, p.814)


The town is located at 34°02′54″N 72°21′56″E with an altitude of 308 metres and lies west of Swabi and on the northern bank of the Indus River. Lahor is surrounded by Yar Hussain, Tordher, Ambar and the Indus.


Lahor has a very old history. Alexander the Great is said to have passed through it, in trying to cross Indus River through the Hund, and faced significant of resistance from the people of Lahor.

According to the historical background Lahor is very rich and has the oldest history, civilization, culture, and tradition than the capital of Punjab (Lahore).

In ancient times Lahor was named Salatura, Sala in Pushto means advice or unity and Tura means sword thus Salatura means "Unity of Swords". Lahor is a Pushto name, La means more and Hor means fire, Lahor means 'more fire'.

Shaeed Baba and his family belonged to Lahor, Baba along with his eleven brother fought against British imperialism and died fighting the British army. The grave of Shaeed Baba and one of his brother is still in Lahor. Shaeed Baba's grave is in Mollah Taous Khani

Although it is known that Panini (c. 450 - 350 BCE) was born in Shalatula, a small town near Attock on the northwestern Indian peninsula in what is now Pakistan, historians remain uncertain as to the exact dates of Panini's birth and death. One theory, supported by internal references that indicate Panini had contact with or was at least aware of Greek civilization, place his life after the year 327 BCE, when Macedonian Alexander the Great reached northwestern India. However, historical evidence supports limited contact between the two civilizations as early as the sixth century BCE.

लहोर, जिला अटक, पाकिस्तान

लहोर (AS, p.814): लहोर अटक पाकिस्तान के निकट एक छोटा-सा ग्राम है. यह स्थान संस्कृत के प्रसिद्ध वैयाकरणाचार्य पाणिनि का जन्म स्थान शलातुर है। 'लहोर' या 'लाहुर' शलातुर का अपभ्रंश जान पड़ता है। [2]