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Lathmar (लठमार)[1][2] Latmar (लतमार)[3][4] is gotra of Jats found in Haryana.


They are called so because they used to keep Lathi (लाठी) with them. [5]


Kalika Ranjan Qanungo [6] mentions about this clan:

"A similar phenomenon of a tribal feud in which even aliens range themselves under one faction or another has not altogether disappeared in the Rohtak and Delhi [P.12] districts, where the country-side is divided into two factions - Dahiya and Ahulanas: "the Gujars and Tagas of the tract, the Jaglan Jats of thapa Naultha, and the Latmar Jats of Rohtak joining the Dahiyas, and the Huda Jats of Rohtak . . . joining the Ahulanas." [P.13][7]

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