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Lonar (लोनार) is a village in tahsil and district Buldhana in Maharashtra.


Lonar is situated around 360 km from Nagpur, around 100 km from Buldhana, around 100 km from Akola, 550 km from Mumbai, around 160 km from Aurangabad and around 140 km southeast of the Ajanta Caves, about 4½ hours drive via Buldhana. Lonar town is located at 19°59′06″N 76°31′23″E. It has an average elevation of 563 m (1847 feet).

Lonar lake

Lonar is a famous for lonar crater and lonar lake which is located at 19°58' N 76° 30'. It is meleorite crater created in the pleistocene Epoch, the crater contains salt water lake is 1.8 km in diameter and is about 137 m below the level of the crater rim .

A small fresh water stream drains into the lake. Due to evaporite effects . The lake is mineral rich and salty and sodium and potassium salts are extracted from it. Lonar is situated around 360 kilometre from nagpur, around 100 KM from Buldhana, around 100 KM from akola, 550 kilometre from Mumbai, around 160 km from Aurangabad and around 140 km Southeast of the Ajanta caves.

Lonar lake also known as lonar crater it notified national Geo heritage monument saline, soda lake located at lonar in Buldhana district Maharashtra India. Lonar lake was created by an asteroid Ellision with earth impact during the pleistocene Epoch. Lonar lake is 56000 years old.

Jat gotras


लोनार स्थित झील कुदरत का एक करिश्मा है । 56000 साल पहले उल्का पिण्ड गिरने से बना सरोवर 1.8 किलोमीटर लंबा तथा 150 मीटर गहरा है ।इसका पानी अम्ल और क्षारयुक्त है । लोनार सरोवर विश्व विख्यात है । पहले इस सरोवर के पानी से नमक भी बनाया जाता था । NASA ने भी इस सरोवर की तुलना मंगल ग्रह पर स्थित झील से की है ।

Notable persons

  • Shri Ashok Choudhari



Total population : 23416, Males : 12114, Females : 11302

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