Nandara Kalan

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Location of Nandara Kalan in Jodhpur district

Nandara Kalan (नान्दड़ा कलां is a village in Jodhpur tahsil and district of Rajasthan at a distance of 7 km in north direction from Jodhpur.


It is a place of historical importance as it is associated with Nand vansh. Soldiers of Nand Dynasty who came to this place and settled here founded the village. They called this place as Nandara Kalan. After some time they left this place and moved elsewhere. As of 2001 the population of the village is 10686 out of them 1990 are SC and 695 are ST people

This village has played an important role in struggle against the Rajput rulers for the abolition of Jagirs. The craftsmen of this place had helped in the construction of Ummed Palace at Jodhpur.


The Nandara Kalan village has population of 1963 of which 1045 are males while 918 are females as per Population Census 2011.[1]

Jat Gotras

The village is now mainly inhabited by Jats. There are about 250 families of Jats of 24 gotras dwelling in the village. The jat gotras in the village are Godara, Raniwal, Dhudhwal, Jyani, Dhanuria, Didha, Bhinwar, Nain, Khileri, Bajya, Punia, Saran, Karwasra, Pawria etc. About 80 % of people of village live in dhanis (hamlets).

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