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Location of Narowal

Narowal (नारोवाल, Urdu/Punjabi: نارووال) is a city and district in the Punjab province of Pakistan. The city is situated about 50 km away from the Indian part of Kashmir.

Tahsils in the District


It was named after a Sikh landlord, Naro Singh, who was the owner of the land before the partition of the sub-continent in 1947.

Jat Gotras

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About 500 years ago in the era of Sikandar Lodhi in the year 1488, Hindus belonging to the Aror tribe of District Multan embraced Islam in the hands of Habibullah Shah, a saint of the area. Nar Singh of the said tribe met Shah Shamash Tabraiz as per direction of the said saint. Nar Singh wanted to build a new city and requested Shah Shamash Tabraiz to pray for the completion of his desire. Shah Shamash Tabraiz sent his own son along with said Nar Singh towards Narowal. The tribe of said Nar Singh stationed permanently in the vicinity of Narowal. Later on the city gradually came to be known as Narowal.

This is the place where Jagat Guru Nanak Ji died on 23rd Assu, Samvat 1596 (22 September 1529 AD). It is also called Dera Nanak Baba. Dera Sahib railway station, on Lahore-Narowal section, serves this place. The Shrine is located by the River Ravi within a distance of nine kilometers from the railway station.

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