Personal and geographical names in the Gupta inscriptions/Coded Abbreviations

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Personal and geographical names in the Gupta inscriptions

Tej Ram Sharma

Concept Publishing Company Delhi, 1978

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Coded Abbreviations

Coded Abbreviations

To cover a wide range of references we have introduced an alphabetical plan for abbreviations. We have divided it into the following six Series :

(I) From A to Z

(II) A to Z with combination of x.

(III) A to Z with combination of y.

(IV) A to Z with combination of z.

(V) A to Z with combination of g.

(VI) A to Z with combination of J. (for Journals)

During the process of the work, however, we could not avoid repetition and so as to avoid confusion, we have made use of numbers l and 2 after the brackets. These inconsistencies are :

1. (Dx)1 and (Dx)2 after Dx.

2. (Ox)1 after Ox.

3. (Zx)1 after Zx.

4. (Zy)1 after Zy.

5. (Kz)1 and (Kz)2 after Kz.

6. (Mg)1 after Mg.

7. (CJ)1 after CJ.

8. (XJ)1 after XJ.

From A to Z

A Concise Etymological Dictionary by M. Mayrhofer (A)

A Dravidian Etymological Dictionary by T. Burrow and M. B Emeneau (B)

A History of India. Vol. I by Romila Thapar (C)

A History of the Imperial Guptas by S.R. Goyal (D)

A Volume of Eastern and Indian Studies presented to F. W. Thomas by S. M. Katre and P. K. Code (E)

xviii Personal and geographical names in the Gupta inscriptions

An Early History of Vaisdli by Yogendra Mishra (F)

An Introduction to the Study of Indian History by D. D. Kosambi (G)

Abhidhana-Anusilana by Vidyabhushan Vibhu (H)

Age of the Imperial Guptas by R. D. Baneiji (I)

Alberuni's India by E. C. Sachau (J)

Ancient and Medieval Nepal by D. R. Kegmi (K)

Ancient India by R. C. Majumdar (L)

Ancient Indian Historical Tradition by F. E Pargiter (M)

Ancient Peoples of the Punjab by J. Przyluski (N)

Astadhyayi Prakasika by Devaprakash Patanjala (O)

B. C. Law Volume (P)

Bharatavarsiya Pracina Caritrakosa by Siddheshwar Shastri Chitrav (Q)

Bharatiya Sikke by Vasudeva Upadhyaya (R)

Buddha-Gaya by R. L. Mitra (S)

Buddhist India by Rhys Davids (T)

Buddhist Records of the Western World by S. Beal (U)

Cambridge History of India, Vol. I (V)

Caste in India by J. H. Hutton (W)

Catalogue of the Coins of Ancient India by John Allan (X)

Catalogue of the Coins in the Indian Museum, Calcutta by V. A. Smith (Y)

Catalogue of the Coins of the Gupta Dynasties by John Allan (Z)

A to Z with combination of x

Cities of Ancient India by B. N. Puri (Ax)

Concise Semantic Dictionary by E. P. Horrwitz (Bx)

Corporate Life in Ancient India by R. C. Majumdar (Cx)

Corpus Inscriptionum Indicarum, Vol. II, Kharosthi Incsriptions by Sten Konow (Dx)

Corpus Inscripionum Indicarum, Vol. III by John Faithful Fleet (Dx)1

Dictionary of Pali Proper Names by G. P. Malalasekera (Dx) 2

District Gazetteer of Gaya by L. S S. O' Malley (Ex)

Early Chauhan Dynasties by D. Sharma (Fx)

Early History of India by V. A. Smith (Gx)

Early History of North India by Sudhakar Chattopadhyaya (Hx)

Economic Life of Northern India in the Gupta Period by S. K. Maity (Ix)

Ethnic Settlements in Ancient India by S. B. Chaudhuri (Jx)

Personal and geographical names in the Gupta inscriptions xix

Ethnography of Ancient India by Robert Shafer (Kx)

Folk Culture Reflected in Names by R. P. Masani (Lx)

Geographical Data in the Early Puranas by M. R. Singh (Mx)

Geographical Dictionary of Ancient and Medieval India by N. L. Dey (Nx)

Geography by Strabo (Ox)

Geography of the Puranas by S. M. AH (Ox)1

Glossary of Castes and Tribes of the Punjab and N. W. F. P, by H. A. Rose (Px)

Great Epic of India by Hopkins (Qx)

Guptakdllna Mudrain by Ananta Sadashiva Altekar (Rx)

Gupta Samrajya by P. L. Gupta (Sx)

Hindu Castes and Sects by J. N Bhattacharya (Tx)

Hindu Polity by K. P. Jayaswal (Ux)

Historians of India, Pakistan and Ceylon (ed.) C.H. Philips (Vx)

Historical and Literary Inscriptions by R. B. Pandeya (Wx)

Historical Geography of Ancient India by B. C. Law (Yx)

History of Ancient India by R. S. Tripathi (Zx)

History of Dharmasastra by P. V. Kane (Zx)1

A to Z with combination of y

History of India by K. P. Jayaswal (Ay)

History of Indian Literature by M. A. Winternitz (By)

History of Indian Logic by S. C. Vidyabhusana (Cy)

History of Kosala by V. Pathak (Dy)

History of Nepal by Daniel Wright (Ey)

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History of the Pallavas ofKanciby R. Gopalan (Gy)

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xx Personal and geographical names in the Gupta inscriptions

Mirashi Felicitation Volume (Ry)

Munshi Indological Felicitation Volume (Sy)

Nirukta ofYaska (Yakska's Nirukta) (ed.) V. K. Rajavade (Ty)

Nirukta-sastram by Bhagvaddatta (Uy)

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Our Language by Simeon Patter (Wy)

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A to Z with combination of z

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Personal and geographical names in the Gupta inscriptions xxi

The Classical Age (Wz)

The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Current English by H. W.

Fowler and F. G. Fowler (Xz)

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A to Z with combination of g

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The Wonder that was India by A. L. Basham (Qg)

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Vergleichandes Worterbuch Der Indogermanischen Sprachen by Alois Walde (Wg)

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xxii Personal and geographical names in the Gupta inscriptions

A to Z with combination of j


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