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Rajiana (राजियाना) is a village in tahsil Bhagha Purana of Moga district of Indian Punjab.

Jat Gotras


H.A. Rose[1] writes that the Gils worship their eponym on the Chet Chaudas at Rajiana, in Moga tahsil, where he has a temple. He also appears to be called Raja Pir and to be specially affected by the Wairsi Gils.

Bhim Singh Dahiya[2] mentions that The Gill Jats hold a fare of Raja, who was a Jat, in village Rajiana, Tehsil Moga in Ferozepore. The temple "contains no image, only a platform of burnt bricks. Its administration is carried on by the Gill Jats, its votaries. They bring a Gill Jat Chela to officiate at the fare and he takes away the offerings".

Was Jayapala Gill Jat ? : On the Gill Clan, the view is expressed that Jayapala, Hindu Shahi Raja, is related to Gillpal, ancestor of the Gill Clans. The Hindu Shahi’s had two capitals, one near Lahore and the other in Bathinda. Jayapala is said to be the last supreme ruler of the Gill Clans. Batthinda relatives probably were subordinates of Jayapala. After their expulsion, Gillpal left Bhatinda with his families and moved towards Rajiana. His descendants were expelled from Rajiana by the Brar Clans and they moved towards Moga, Ferozepore and Amritsar Districts. [3]


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