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Location of Rania in Sirsa District

Rania (Rannia) is a town and tahsil in Sirsa district in Haryana. It is located in west of Sirsa town.

Villages in Rania tahsil

Abholi, Abut Garh, Bacher, Bahia, Balasar, Bani, Bharolanwali, Bhoona, Bukhara Khera, Chakan, Darewala, Dhani Satnam Singh, Dhanoor, Dhottar, Dhudian Wali, Fatehpuria, Ferozabad, Ghoran Wali, Gindran, Haripura, Harni Khurd, Jiwan Nagar, Jodh Puria, Kariwali, Keharwala, Khaja Khera, Kharian, Kussar, Mamber Khera, Mangalia, Mattuwala, Mehna Khera, Mohamad Puria, Mohranwali, Naiwala, Nakora, Nanuana, Nathohar, Nigrana, Ottu, Peer Khera, Rampur Theri, Rania (MC), Sadewala, Sainpal, Sultanpuria,


Rannia is captured and the whole of Sirsa country conquered :

Lepel H. Griffin writes:[1]When Raja Amar Singh of Patiala heard of the defeat of Rahimdad Khan before Jhind, he marched from Fatehabad to Hansi, and after having collected the revenue, which was the same thing as plundering as extensively as he was able, he returned to Pattiala, where, four months later, he had the satisfaction of hearing from Sukhdas Singh of the full of Rannia.

On this he again marched southwards, and the whole of which is now the Sirsa district being under his authority, he was able to collect a large sum of money as as revenue.

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