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Rasen, Rasayan is a Gotra of Jats found in Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab.


The gotra Rasen of Jat clan is very historical they come with Maharaja Ranjit Singh (Punjab) and spread in major hilly areas like Kangra, Solan and Shimla.


Rasen is a branch of bhatti clan. The people of this gotra are major Hindu Jats. Rasen/Rasayan Jatt is a sub-clan of Randhawa clan. Rasen is gotra of jats which is a sub clan of Randhawa jats while taking a part of sikh gorkha war when some randhawa captured the mandi by sen kings with sikh emperor maharaja Ranjit Singh when some randhawa calling Rasen after defeating the sen king of mandi. Rasayan also mean Royal and warrior

Distribution in Himachal Pradesh

Villages in Mandi district

They live in Mandi distt. of Himachal Pradesh and also major hilly areas like Kangra, Solan.

Villages in Hamirpur district


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