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Rudradeva (रुद्रदेव) was a King of of the forest countries in Aryavarta who was defeated by Samudragupta (A.D. 335-76).


Allahabad pillar inscription of Samudragupta (A.D. 335-76) mentions about King Rudradeva (रुद्रदेव) in Line 21 (No. 1, L. 21) which says:

"(L. 21.)- Who abounded in majesty that had been increased by violently exterminating Rudradeva, Matila, Nāgadatta, Chandravarman, Ganapatināga, Nāgasena, Achyutanandin, Balavarman, and many other kings of (the land of) Āryāvarta;-who made all the kings of the forest countries to become (his) servants;" [1]

Tej Ram Sharma[2] writes that Rudradeva (No. 1, L. 21): is described as one of the kings of Aryyavartta defeated by Samudragupta. The first part of the name is Rudra which denotes Lord Shiva and the second is 'deva' which means 'god'. It is another name based on Lord Siva. Rudradeva has been differently identified by various scholars. Dr. D.C. Sircar has identified him with the Western Satrap Rudrasena II or his son Rudrasena III, while K.P. Jayaswal, K.N. Dikshit and R.N. Dandekar identify him with Vakataka Rudrasena I. U.N. Roy[3] differing with the above scholars proposes his identification with Vakataka Maharaja Rudrasena II, the son of Prithvisena I.

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