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Sahar () is a village in tahsil Chhata in Mathura district in Uttar Pradesh.



The Founders

Jat Gotras


K. R. Qanungo[1] writes that Thakur Badan Singh's greatest achievement was the establishment of the authority of his house over almost the whole of the Agra and Mathura districts, partly by posing as the protector of the Hindus against Muslim misrule, but mainly by clever matrimonial alliances with some powerful Jat families of those places. He married the daughter of a wealthy and influential Jat of Kamar,2 Chaudhuri Maha Ram and took another wife from the laird (Zamindar) of Sahar. These marriages made him virtually the master of the entire Mathura district.

2. Kamar (lat. 27°- 50"; long.77° - 30'] is near Kosi in the Mathura district about 33 miles n.w. of Mathura. Sahar 18 miles n.w. (lat. 27° - 40'; long. 77°-44', ]. Growse, Mathura p. 23.

K. R. Qanungo[2] writes....Badan Singh had some aesthetic sense and a taste for architecture too, which is testified by the remains of his numerous buildings and garden-palaces. He beautified the fort of Deeg with handsome palaces, which are known as the Purana Mahal. At Wair in the Bayana district, he planted within the fort a large garden with a beautiful house and reservoirs in the centre, now called Phul-bari. He also built palaces at Kamar as well Sahar, which are now in ruin, and dedicated a temple at Brindaban, known by the poetic name of Dhir Samir.[3]


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