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Salial or Salyal (Hindi:सलयाल, Punjabi:ਸਲਯਾਲ, Urdu:سالگرہ) is a Jat Sikh Gotra found in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.


Gotra gets name from Salya (सल्य) or Shalya (शल्य) who was king of Madra and Bahik Jats of Punjab during Mahabharata periods.Salya is seen as the ancestor of the gotra.

The gotra originated from Sialkot of Pakistan that was known as Sakala during ancient times and was capital of King Salya.

They are brach of Madrak Jats as their ancestor King Salya was also from Madrak gotra.

Another claim regarding the origin of this gotra is that they are a branch of Bhattis who see King Salya as the ancestor of their gotra. However, Bhatti is also a branch of the Madra clan. Salya was the king of Sakala which is presently known as Sialkot, and belonged to Madra Jats. Madra was an ancient Jat gotra of Chandravanshi Kshatriyas which is seen as the parent branch of many present Jat gotras like Madrak, Maderna, Bhatti, Sidhu, Brar, Salyal, Kalyal, etc.


Salials follow the Sikh religion.


Salials are Chandravanshi Jats.

Salyals are traditionally zamindars (landowners) and farmers. They have no connection with the Sikh and Hindu Brahmin Salyals of Kashmir and Jammu areas.

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Distribution in India

Before the partition of India and Pakistan,Salial Jat population was mainly distributed in Mohra Salyal of Gujar Khan, Looni Salyal, Jhelum, Mirpur, Kotli and Sialkot. During the partition, they moved to India.

Distribution in Jammu and Kashmir

Distribution in Pakistan

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