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Author:Laxman Burdak, IFS (Retd.)

Location of Mirpur

Mirpur (मीरपुर) is the chief town of Mirpur District, Azad Kashmir.


Jat clans

  • Kalyal : Kalyal are Chandravanshi Jats.Mojority of Kalyal population is Muslim but some also follow Hindu and Sikh religion.Like some other clans of Mirpur and Pothwar there are Rajput also.
  • Salial : Salial are Chandravanshi Jats.They are branch of Madrak Jats.Salial Jats follow Sikh religion.They have no connection with Salyal Brahmin and Salyal Rajputs of J&K.
  • Nagyal : They Claim Minhas Rajput ancestory.They are mainly Muslims but they follow Hindu and Sikh religion.They also claim to be Rajputs and half of them are Rajputs and half Jats.
  • Bangial : Bangial claim Parmar Rajput ancestory.Majority of them are Muslims but some also follow Hindu and Sikh religion.They are found in Mirpur and Pothwar areas.
  • Arnyal : Arnyal is Muslim Jat Gotra in Mirpur and Kotli areas.
  • Langrial : Some Langrial are Jats while other claim to be Rajput and Arabs.
  • Badhan : Badhan or Pakhai is tribe of Jats claiming to be of Saroa Rajput ancestor.Their ancestor was Kala a resident of Jammu.
  • Kanial : Kanyal is a Muslim Jat Gotras found in Pakistan.
  • Gill : Gills in one of the largest gotra of Jats.Before partition Gills that lived in Mirpur were Sikh Jats and married with other Sikh Jat Gotras such as Salial,Nagra,Chahal, Bangial etc.
  • Nagra : Nagras found in Mirpur were mainly Sikhs.

Some of these Gotras migrated to Jammu and Kashmir after partition which were mainly Sikh and Hindu Jats and Muslim Jats migrated to these ares from Jammu and Kashmir.





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