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For village see Sola Sikar

Sola (सोला)[1] [2] Solaha/Solahan[3] is a gotra of Jats found in Indian Punjab and Pakistan.



H.A. Rose[4] writes that The Jats of the south-east Punjab have two other divisions, 1. Shibgotra and 2. Kashib-gotra. The former are also called asl or real Jats and confess that their progenitor sprang from Shiva's matted hair and was so called jat bhadra. They have 12 gots, which are descended from the 12 sons of Barh, who conquered a large part of Bikaner. His descendants are chiefly sprung from Punia and they held the country round Jhansal. These 12 Gotras are: 1. Punia. 2. Dhanian. 3. Chhacharik. 4. Bali. 5. Barbra. 6. Solahan. 7- Chiria. 8. Chandia. 9. Khokha. 10. Dhanaj. 11. Letar. 12. Kakar.

According to H. W. Bellew the Mazari sections in Afghanistan include Sola. [5]



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