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Spin Boldak, meaning 'white desert', is a border town and the headquarters of Spin Boldak District in the southern Kandahar province of Afghanistan. Other names: Spīn Baldak, سپین بولدک, Spīn Būldak, Spīn Bōldak, Spin Baldak.


It is next to the Durand Line border with Pakistan. It is linked by a highway with the city of Kandahar to the north, and with Chaman and Quetta in Pakistan to the south. Spin Boldak has the second major port of entry between Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Wesh-Chaman border crossing. Kandahar and Quetta are about 40 and 50 nmi (93 km) respectively distant by air.


The district is populated mostly by Noorzai and Achakzai Pashtuns.

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