Sukhram Sohu Bishnoi

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Sukhram Sohu Bishnoi

Ch. Sukhram Vishnoi (Sohu) is a member of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly. He was born on 3 May 1953 at Keriya village, tahsil Sanchore in Jalor district, Rajasthan. His father's name is late Ch. Koja Ram. Married to Smt. Meera, he has 2 sons and 1 daughter.

Ch. Sukhram passed B.A. examination in 1973. After that, he became a Law graduate (L.L.B) From Jainarayan Pryag University Jodhpur, in 1976. Professionally, he is an advocate.

Political career

Ch. Sukhram won the 14th Vidhan Sabha election in December 2013 from Sanchore constituency, as a candidate of Congress Party.

Again in December 2018 elections, he was elected for 15th Vidhan Sabha, from Sanchore constituency, as a candidate of Congress Party.

He has remained President of Truck Operators' Union, Sanchore. He was also President of Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee, Sanchore, in 2007.


Permanent Address - In Front of Kachahari, Sanchore,, District - Jalore. Tel. No. : 02979-284147
Present Address - 1/4, Vidhayak Nagar (West), Jaipur. Tel. No. : 97842-12140
Mobile No. - 94145-59511
eMail Id. - sanchorecongress[dot]sukhram[at]gmail[dot]com

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