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Author:Laxman Burdak, IFS (R)

Shukulidesha (शुकुलिदेश) is a country mentioned in Gupta Inscriptions of which a Minister called Amrakarddava loyally served Chandragupta II by fighting and winning many battles for him. [1]



Tej Ram Sharma [2] mentions name of a Minister Amrakarddava in Gupta Inscriptions (No.5, L.5)= Sanchi Stone Inscription of Chandragupta II Gupta Year 93 (A.D. 412), Hailing from Sukuli-desa who loyally served Chandragupta II by fighting and winning many battles for him. The first part of the name is based on the mango tree. The second part is karddava. It is the name of some Nagas or serpent-demons considered to be inhabitants of the lower regions.Kadru is the name of the mother of serpents. Kadrava by metathesis becomes Karddava which literally means 'born of Kadru'. In south, among aboriginal people and lower castes, the practice of matriarchal names is well known. The whole term 'Amrakarddava' is inexplicable as one word. Amra seems to be his personal name and Karddava his family title.

Shukulivillage Rewa, Madhya Pradesh

Shukuli is a small village located in Naigarhi Tehsil of Rewa district, Madhya Pradesh with total 22 families residing. The Shukuli village has population of 88 of which 42 are males while 46 are females as per Population Census 2011.[3]


शुकुलिदेश (AS, p.903): गुप्त अभिलेखों में उल्लिखित एक 'देश'। गुप्त काल में 'देश' साभ्राज्य का एक बडा़ विभाग था, जिसके अंतर्गत विषय तथा भुक्तियाँ थी। (दे. राय चौधरी, पोलिटिकल हिस्ट्री ऑफ एंशेंट इंडिया,पृ. 471) शुकुलिदेश का अभिज्ञान अनिश्चित है। संभव है कि इसकी स्थिति गुजरात में भड़ौच के निकट रही हो, जहां शुक्लतीर्थ है। [4]

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