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Ghaziabad district map

Sultanpur (सुलतानपुर) is village in Hapur tahsil of Ghaziabad district in Uttar Pradesh. Sultanpur is a popular Jat village of district Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh. This village is inhibited by Jats of Farswal gotra.


This village lies in the Jat Belt of western UP in Ghaziabad district, situated on Delhi-Meerut highway at 5 kms north-west of Muradnagar, the popular town having Ordinance Factory.


This village was founded by the Hon. (Late) Sh. Sultan Singh Parashwal, and hence, its a [Parashwal] gotra village. Hon. (Late) Sh. Sultan Singh Parashwal had came there from his native village in Haryana with his elder brother who founded another village in Uttarakhand on the banks of the holy Ganga.


Jat gotras


Population of Sultanpur according to Census 2001 is 2646, showing number of males 1381 and females 1265.

Notable persons

Siddhartha Singh, Scientist, India Meteorological Department, New Delhi

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