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Thadwal (थडवाल) , also spelt as Dhadwal (धड्वाल / डडवाल) is a gotra or clan of Jats, found in the states of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh in India. They are part of the Jatt Sikh community.

History and Origin

Many members of this gotra trace their roots back to the village of Lakhpur in the state of Punjab, North west India. The two names are identical when written in Gurmukhi script, the spelling variation came about when members of the Clan emigrated to the United Kingdom. As such, Dhadwal's and Thadwal's are members of the same Clan.

Like many Jat clans, Thadwal's (or Dhadwal's) are considered to be descendants of a long line of warriors.

However , there are also another set of Dhadwals who belong to Dogra Rajput clan of Punjab and have been living in certain area near Himachal Pradesh and Jammu border. These Rajputs speak Punjabi and have served in Indian Army for generations. It has been suggested that the "jatt" Dhadwals are all descended from one man who moved to Punjab to look for work and took a "jatt" wife by the name of Maa Lakhi in the late 16th century and set up the village of Lakhpur in land gifted to the couple by Maa Lakhi's father. The Jatt Dhadwal Jathera is in Lakhpur.

Distribution in Punjab


Notable person from this gotra

  • Yudhvir Singh Dadwal, former Commissioner of Delhi Police[1]


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