The Races of Afghanistan

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The Races of Afghanistan

Being a brief account of the principal nations inhabiting that country.

By: H. W. Bellew, C.S.I.

Publisher: Thacker Spink And Co. Calcutta.1880.

Preface: ....5

Chapter I: Introduction .... 9

Chapter II: The Afghan .... 15

Chapter III: History of the Afghans .... 28

Chapter IV: British relations with Afghanistan .... 41

Chapter V: Sher Ali .... 47

Chapter VI: The Pathan .... 56

Chapter VII: The Yusufzai .... 67

Chapter VIII: The Afridi .... 77

Chapter IX: The Khattak .... 85

Chapter X: The Dadicae .... 90

Chapter XI: The Ghilji .... 97

Chapter XII: The Tajik .... 109

Chapter XIII: The Hazarah .... 113

Index: .... 117-124

Afghan terms:

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