The Races of Afghanistan/Afghan terms

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The Races of Afghanistan

Being a brief account of the principal nations inhabiting that country.

By: H. W. Bellew, C.S.I.

Publisher: Thacker Spink And Co. Calcutta.1880.
List of Afghan terms and meaning

  • Afrida = a created being. (Persian)
  • Amir = Commander (Arabic)
  • Cara Calpac = black hat
  • Cazzac = (Cossack) means a robber
  • Chandaul = rear guard
  • Chiragh-kush = lamp-extinguisher
  • Ghazoe = son of a thief
  • Karrhai = an iron cooking-pot
  • Khel = It is Arabic, and signifies a "troop" (especially of horse), "company," "party,"
  • Khilich = sword
  • Khilichi = swordsman
  • Khorlanri = sisterhood
  • Kirghiz = (Cirghiz) wanderer
  • Kizil bash = redhead
  • Loe = Great
  • Or-mur = fire-extinguisher
  • Parwinda = a bale of merchandise (Persian)
  • Rawani = traveller (Persian)
  • Takin = being a distinctive affix of the names of Turk slaves,eg. Sabaktakin
  • Tathkira = Memoirs
  • Turklanri = the Turk brotherhood
  • Uzbak = independent
  • Zai - It is Persian, and means literally "born of," but is commonly used in the same sense as Khel, as Musazai or Musakhel, the "offspring " or "party" of Moses. (The Races of Afghanistan/Chapter XII,p.111) ....The particle zai in the plural zi is explained as derived from the Persian zadan "to beget," and signifies " children, offspring, descendants " ; and is also used to designate any "party, faction," etc., bound together by common interests ; properly it represents the Sanskrit genitive affix si. (An Inquiry Into the Ethnography of Afghanistan/Page 1-25,p.13)

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