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Uttiya (267-257 BC) was an early monarch of Sri Lanka of the kingdom of Anuradhapura, based at the ancient capital of Anuradhapura.

Jat clan

In Mahavansa

Mahavansa/Chapter 20 tells ...Devanampiyatissa, king of Lañkä, rich in merit and insight, caused to be carried out, even in his first year, as a friend to virtue, and his whole life through he heaped up works of merit. Our island flourished under the lordship of this king; forty years did he hold sway as king. After his death, his younger brother since there was no son, the prince known by the name Uttiya held sway piously as king. Ten years did king Uttiya reign.

Mahavansa/Chapter 20 tells ...Mahinda passed away into nirvana at Cetiya-mountain in the eighth year of king Uttiya on the eighth day of the bright half of the month Assayuja. When king Uttiya heard this he went thither andhad paid homage to the thera and arranged Mahinda's last journey and funeral rites.

Mahavansa/Chapter 20 tells ...The theri Samghamitta passed away into nirvana, being fifty-nine years old, in the ninth year of this same king Uttiya, while she dwelt in the peaceful Hatthalhaka-convent. And for her also, as for the thera, the king commanded supreme honours of burial a week through, and the whole of Lanka was adorned as for the thera Mahinda.

Mahavansa/Chapter 21 mentions ....Uttiya's younger brother, Mahasiva, reigned after his death ten years, protecting the pious. Being devoted to the thera Bhaddasäla, he built the noble vihara, Nagarangana, in the eastern quarter (of the city).

Mahavansa/Chapter 22 tells .... Gothabhaya's son, known by the name Kakavannatissa, the prince, reigned there after his death. Viharadevi was the consort of this believing king, firm in the faith (was she), the daughter of the king of Kalyani. Now in Kalyani the ruler was the king named Tissa. His younger brother named Ayya-Uttika, who had roused the wrath (of Tissa) in that he was the guilty lover of the queen, fled thence from fear and took up his abode elsewhere.