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Vara (वरा) gotra Jats live in Mandsaur district in Madhya Pradesh. Same as Bara.



In Mahabharata

Vara finds mention in Aswamedha Parva, Mahabharata/Book 14 Chapter 8 in shloka 18. वराय सौम्य वक्त्राय पशुहस्ताय वर्षिणे, हिरण्यबाहवे राजन्न उग्राय पतये थिशाम (XIV.8.18)[1]

In Mahavansa

Mahavansa/Chapter 2 mentions the genealogy of Buddha starting from Mahasammata, who was the first monarch of the world according to Buddhist tradition. Roja and Vararoja are mentioned as Kings in this genealogy. (VararojaVara)

Mahavansa/Chapter 15 tells ... At that time this Mahamegha-grove was known as Mahänoma, the capital called Vaddhamana, lay to the south. Samiddha was the name of the king of that region then. This island then bore the name Varadipa. At that time the misery of drought prevailed here in Varadipa. When the Conqueror Konagamana knew of this misery, then, to bring it to an end, and afterwards to achieve the converting of beings and progress of the doctrine in this island, he, urged on by the might of his compassion, came through the air, surrounded by thirty thousand (disciples) like to himself, and stood upon the Sumanakütaka-mountain. By the power of the Sambuddha the drought came to an end, and from the time that the decline of the doctrine ceased rainfall in due season now began. (VaradipaVara)

Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

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