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Author:Laxman Burdak, IFS (Retd.)

Map of Rivers in Pakistan

Bara River (Pashto: باړه سیند‎; Urdu: دریائے باڑہ ‎) is a river in Khyber Agency and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.



The Bara River originates in the Tirah Valley of Bara Tehsil, Khyber Agency. It joins the Kabul River Canal which originates from the Warsak Dam, and re-enters Peshawar. Then it flows in the North-easterly direction to the Nowshera District, eventually joining the Kabul River near Camp Koruna, Akbarpura. Due to its higher elevation, very limited areas flow through gravity into Bara river.


Jat clan

वरा नदी

वरा नदी (AS, p.833) - महाभारत भीष्म पर्व mमें उल्लिखित पेशावर के निकट बहाने वाली बारा नदी.[1]

बारा नदी

बारा नदी (AS, p.622)- पेशावर जिले की नदी जो महाभारत भीष्म पर्व की वरा हो सकती है.[2]

In Mahabharata

Vara River (वरा नदी) is mentioned in Mahabharata (VI.10.25).

Bhisma Parva, Mahabharata/Book VI Chapter 10 describes geography and provinces of Bharatavarsha. Vara River (वरा नदी) is mentioned in Mahabharata (VI.10.25). [3]....of Vara, and the mighty river Panchami, of Rathachitra, and Jyotiratha, and Viswamitra, and Kapinjala;....


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