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Vartula (वर्तुल) was an ancient Kingdom in Kashmir.



In Rajatarangini

Rajatarangini[1] tells us that The king Sussala married Vichchala, daughter of the king of Vartula, and she became his favourite. (p.25)

Rajatarangini[2] tells us that At the time when preparations for war were being made, three hill chiefs Jāsaṭa of Champa, Vajradhara of Vallapura And Sahajapala of Vartula and two heir apparent Kahla of Trigarta and Anandaraja of Vallapura assembled together and arrived at Kurukshetra. They found Bhikshachara who was saved by Asamati with Naravarmma; and Naravarmma gave gold to the former for, expenses on the way. Jasata was related to Bhikshachara and treated him well, and the other chiefs also honored him. They then arrived at Vallapura. (p.46)

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