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Author:Laxman Burdak, IFS (R)

Vira Naga (वीर नाग) was a Nagavanshi king.

Variants of name

Jat clans


Tej Ram Sharma[1] writes that Viranaga (वीरनाग) is mentioned in Gupta Inscriptions (No. 43, L. 10) = Kalaikuri Sultanpur Copper-plate Inscription of the Gupta Year 120 (=A.D. 439) : Vira means brave, eminent or chief. We can find many names with the first word 'Vira'. The whole literally means 'a brave or eminent serpent'.

Verinag gets name after Veranaga (वेरनाग). There are several towns in Kashmir having their names after some Naga, such as Veri Nag, Anant Nag, Shesh Nag etc. [2]

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