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Aghapur (अघापुर) Village is in Bharatpur tahsil of Bharatpur district in Rajasthan. This village is just near Keoladeo National park, world century. This is a old village. There is a KHERA in the middle of the village. Its PIN Code:321001. It was probably the capital of Aghasura.




Agharia Jats' original settlement is considered to be region near Agra and Bharatpur. They migrated to Orissa and Chattisgarh around 15th/ 16th century during Mughal rule from Aghapur near Bharatpur (Rajasthan) which is in radius of 84kose around Vrindavan & Mathura. The Agharia-Jats are known as Chourasi-Agharia Jats in Chattisgarh & western Orissa. Some were serving in Maratha-Army & are known as "Jagtap Maratha Jats" now. [1]

Jat Gotras

Most people of the village are farmer. In the village people of following casts live- Gurjar, Kushwaha, Kumhar, Harijan.


Village has about 300 families and population of near 2500.

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