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Akola (अकोला) is a village in Bhilwara tehsil in Bhilwara district in Rajasthan.



James Tod[1] visited this place and gives us the information:

Ambah, 21st, October, 1820. six and a-half miles. — The route over a scene of desolation ; fine fields, fruitful of grass and ruins. Sent one of my Brahmins to the town of Akolah, two coss distant, and had several inscriptions copied ; they were all immunities or grants of privileges to the printers of that town, thence called Cheepa-ca-Akolah, to distinguish it from another of the same name. I halted at Birslabas, received several visits, and held interesting conversations with the Maharaja ; but fever and ague leave the mind in a sorry state. I can pay no attention to barometer or perambulator; of the latter Baboo Mohes keeps a diary, and on his intelligence I can depend.

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