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Author:Laxman Burdak, IFS (R)

Angalepa (अंगलेप) is the name of an ancient city in western India mentioned in Ramayana (IV.42.14)




In Ramayana

Angalepa finds mention in Ramayana (IV.42.14). Kishkindha Kanda Sarga 42 mentions that Sugreeva sends troops to west side to search for Sita under the leadership of Sushena. Describing the various provinces like Surashtra, Balhika and Chandrachitra (Mathura), Western Ocean, River Sindhu and magnificent mountains that are situated at the northwest of India, cities like Murachipattana, Jatapura, Avanti and Angalepa and also the ocean down south to it, namely the present Arabian Sea and almost up to Persian provinces, he orders monkey troops to return within one month's time.

"Sita shall be searched along with the residency of Ravana on the mountains that are sitting pretty on the seashore, as well as in the forests on those mountains. Further, the delightful cities available alongshore like Murachipattana, Jatapura, Avanti and Angalepa are to be searched together with the forest of Alakshita, including the nearby provinces and spacious townships. (4.42.12b, 13, 14)[1]

"At the junction of River Sindhu with the ocean, Mouth of Indus, there is a huge mountain named Hemagiri, Golden-Mountain, which is with hundreds of summits and gigantic trees. (4.42.15)[2]

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