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Location of Badopal in Hanumangarh district

Badopal (बडोपल) or Baropal (बडोपल)is a village in tehsil Pillibangan in district Hanumangarh in the Indian state of Rajasthan.


Badopal village was founded by Godara jats.


It was a very fertile area but that prosperity was ruined due the Rajasthan Canal as it ( Rajasthanj Canal). The osmosis phenomenon lead to the salty elements come to the surafce and the land became infertile. The process is named as Same (सेम ).

Same (सेम) - Same may be defines as the phenomenon when the area around the Rivers, Canals gets affected due to excessive water. The area surrounding the River, Canal absorbs the water from the River, Canal deep down and results into the Sodium and other infertile elements to risen up at ground level. Presence of Sodium and other salts on the land makes it completely unfertile. This is known as Same.

Jat Gotras in the village

Notable persons

  • Manphool Singh Bhadu -Former Indian National Congress MP, from Bikaner in Rajasthan ,
  • Khayali Saharan
  • सर्व श्री भादू परिवार बड़ोपल पीलीबंगा[1]

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