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Bakaliya (बाकलिया) or Bakliya (बांकलिया) is a small village comes under Ladnu tehsil of Nagaur district on the border of Churu district in Rajasthan.


It is situated on state highway 7D RJ SH 7D between Ladnu and Didwana.


The Founders


Jat Gotras


Population of Bankliya as of Census 2011 is 2,923 (Males- 1,484; Females- 1,439). Total Number of HouseHold is 461[1]. This village has an olive oil plant in several acres on the highway under the ownership of Rajasthan Olive Cultivation Limited (ROCL). A large part of population about 60% are Jats, which includes gotras Gora, Ghotia, Saharan and Tholia; apart from that others castes like Brahmins, Swami etc. also reside in this village.

Notable Persons

  • Shiv NarainGhotia- From Bakaliya, Member Block BJP Executive.[2]

External Links


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