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Basai (बसई), is a village in Gurgaon tehsil of Gurgaon district in Haryana.

This village is now fully urbanized and no agricultural lands are left due to extension of Gurgaon city. Villagers have adopted new professions and earn on rental incomes.


The founders


Jat gotras

Notable persons

  • Daffadar Keshoram Kataria - Martyr of World War 1 in France
  • Jatin Kataria (IIT Madras B.Tech. M.Tech.) (first IITian in Basai) son of Dharmpal Kataria B.Tech (E&C), Retd Indian Air Force
  • Bobby Kataria - Social Worker


Another Basai village in Rupbas tehsil of Bharatpur district

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