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Kataria (कटारिया)[1][2] Katariya (कटारिया)[3] Katwariya (कटवारिया) Kathariya (कठारिया)[4] Katarya (कटारया) is gotra of Jats found in Gurgaon (Haryana), Delhi & Jaipur district of Rajasthan. They are also found in Gujarat, where they write Katotariya. Dilip Singh Ahlawat has mentioned it as one of the ruling Jat clans in Central Asia. [5]


  • Kataria (कटारिया) Jat clan is said to derive its name from katar (कटार) a dagger.
  • They are originated from Kidarite Huns.[6]


Ram Sarup Joon[7] writes that...about 70 Jat Gotras joined the Gujar force and started calling themselves Gujars. Kataria is one of them.

B S Dahiya[8] writes: The Chinese work Pei-She, refers to a king of a Ta Yue-che (i.e., Great Jats) and called him Ki-to-lo which has been rendered by historians as Kidara, perhaps, because in the Chinese language, 't' is used for 't', 'th', 'd', etc. But, the Chinese name She-ki-lo is rendered as Sakala where both Ki and Lo are rendered as Ka and La. So, Ki-to-lo can be rendered, as Katara with equal justification. In fact the word Kedara, was taken as Ketara in Eastern India, as per Brihat-Kalpa Sutra Bhasya.[9] Paul Pelliot supposed that they (the Kidarites) were a clan of Tukhars (Takkhars), perhaps, because they were settled in Turkharistan area.[10] It is generally agreed that Ki-to-lo (Katara or Kidara) is a dynastic name. In fact, it is a clan name and Katariya Jats are even now found in Rohtak district, e.g., in village Samchana. This is further proved from the Chinese annals Pei She itself as it says that Ki-to-lo, the king, was attacked by Jujuan and further it says that another Ki-to-lo was pressed westwards by the Hiungnu (Hunas or Henga Jats). Again Ki-to-lo is the name of a country

Page-260: whose ambassador visited China in 477 A.D. according to Wei Shu. This is the same story of a clan name used for the king as well as for the people and the country over which he ruled. This thing happened, with Kasvans (Kusanas) the Gorayas, the Takkhars and so on. But the important thing is that this clan name Katara/Kidara, was used for a very long time on coins in Kashmir, by king Pravarasen II, son of Toramana and also in Punjab by kings named Bhasvan, Kusala, Prakasa, Siladitya, Kritavirya, etc., about whom nothing else is known. Only their coins show that they were Kidarites or Katariya Jats. The first Jat king called Ketara/Kidara, when pressed by another Jat tribe, named Janjuan (Jujuan of the Chinese), came to Balkh and from there attacked. India, occupying Gandhara and four other kingdoms, while his son took Purushpura, i.e., Peshawar, before 436 A.D. Altekar however, holds on numismatic evidence, that Kidarites rose to power in about 340 A.D. In 356/57 A.D. Shahpuhr II of Iran attacked them in Gandhara and the Katariya Jats sought help from Dharan Jats under Samudragupta, and in 367/68 A.D. they crushed the power of the Iranian king in a fierce battle. In 375 A.D. the first king Kidara/Kitara was succeeded by his son, named Piru, who extended his power further into India and again Piru is a Jat clan. He was succeeded by Varaharan. Barhana a village in Rohtak district, seems to have been named after him. Piru and Kedar are personal names of many Jats of today.

Mahendra Singh Arya et al write that the region from Moradabad to Badanyun was known as Kathhar. These people are known as kathariya in Rajputs and Kathariya or Kataria in Jats. There is mention of rishi Kath in Kathopanishada. [11]

Kishori Lal Faujdar writes that There was a tribe named Kath in Punjab. Brahma's one son named vaishampayan was preacher of Yajurveda. His son was named Kath who was author of kathopanishada. He quotes some author Raja Ram who has written about the kath tribe as ruler near river Irawati. The capital of Kath people was at Sankala/sangala when Alexander attacked. These Jats oppossed Alexander very bravely. Some 17 thousand kath kshatriyas died in this war. The kath people were defeated but they impressed Greeks. The Greek authors have written about many traditions of this tribe. One of the rites mentioned is that a child was inspected after birth by these people and if not found strong and handsome he was killed. probably this tradition of kath people finds reflection in the story of Nachiketa in Kathopanishada where Nachiketa was handed over to Yama. [12]

The Kataria clan of Jats are considered to be descendants of Kath people. [13]

According to H.A. Rose[14] writes that the Bagri Jats have certain sections which might appear totemistic, but very rarely is any reverence paid to the totem. Such are :— Kataria, sword, in tahsil Hansi, Hisar, Haryana.

कठ या कठारिया

दलीप सिंह अहलावत[15] के अनुसार कठ-कठारिया-कटारिया जाट लोगों का राज्य रावी तथा व्यास नदियों के मध्यवर्ती क्षेत्र पर था। इनकी राजधानी का नाम सांकल-सांगल था। सिकन्दर ने रावी नदी पार करके कठ लोगों पर आक्रमण कर दिया। इन लोगों ने सिकन्दर की सेना का बड़ी वीरता से मुकाबला किया। सिकन्दर को इनको जीतने के लिए बड़े पोरस से 5000 जाट सेना मंगानी पड़ी जिनके युद्ध में शामिल होने पर उसकी विजय हुई। इस युद्ध में 17,000 कठारिया जाट सैनिक वीरगति को प्राप्त हुए तथा 70,000 के लगभग कैदी बना लिये गये। इन लोगों ने सिकन्दर से इतना अडिग लोहा लिया जिससे वह बड़ी कठिनाई से जीत प्राप्त कर सका। इसी कारण उसने क्रोधित होकर इनके सांकल के किले की नींव उखड़वा दी और सांकल नगर को सब प्रकार से उजड़वा दिया। कठ-कठारिया लोग हार तो गये किन्तु उनकी वीरता की गहरी छाप यूनानियों पर पड़ी। यूनानी लेखकों ने इनके विषय में लिखा है कि

“इनमें स्वयंवर प्रथा से विवाह होते थे और सती प्रथा का भी चलन था। अदम्य साहसिकता और प्रचण्ड वीरता इनमें कूट-कूट कर भरी थी।” (जाटों का उत्कर्ष, पृ० 382-383, लेखक योगेन्द्रपाल शास्त्री; हिन्दुस्तान की तारीख उर्दू पृ० 161)।

Distribution in Rajasthan

Locations in Jaipur city

Ambabari, Barkat Nagar, Hanuman Nagar, Jhotwara, Subhash Colony, Vaishali Nagar, Vishnawala,

Villages in Jaipur district

Bishanawala, Kapurwala (1), Khora Ladkhani, Panchyawala, Pindloi (),

Villages in Ajmer district


Villages in Hanuman Garh district

Bhukarka , Topariya Barani,

Villages in Jhunjhunu district

Chirawa, Jejusar, Morsara Ka Bas,

Villages in Sikar district

Bhojpur Sikar, Gudrawas, Sinwali,

Villages in Alwar district

Ghat Lachhmangarh, Kherli Veeran, Mahlakpur,

Villages in Nagaur district

Goredi Karna,

Distribution in Delhi

Katwaria Sarai, Adhchini, Kalu Sarai, Raghopur Najafgarh.

Distribution in Haryana

Villages in Sonipat district

Shahpur Turak,Kataria Kalan,Saboli,

Villages in Rohtak district

Mokhara, Mokhra Kheri Rojh, Madina, Samchana,

Villages in Gurgaon district

Basai,Gurgaon,Tirpari,Choma Khera .

Villages in Jind district

Jind, Sindhvi Khera, Kharak,

Villages in Hisar district


Villages in Rewari district

Bawal Rewari,

Villages in Sirsa district

Nezia Khera,

Distribution in Uttar Pradesh

Villages in Bijnor district

Kharak Bijnor,

Villages in Meerrut district

Karnawal ,

Villages in Bulandshar district

Anheda , Bulandbahdur nagar

Villages in Hapur district

Hoshdarpur Garhi,

Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

Villages in Gwalior district

Birlanagar (Gwalior),

Distribution in Punjab

Villages in Jalandhar district


Notable persons

  • Lal Chand Kataria - Elected to 15th lok Sabha in 2009 from Jaipur Rural Parliamentary constituency in Rajasthan.
  • Mohan Kataria - An actor of Rajasthani films. Mob - 09829050645
  • Master Narain Singh Kataria - ex M.P. from Hissar, ex MLA from Julana, ex Chairman of Haryana State education Board
  • Sajeev Katarya - IC-52111M Colonel Sajeev Katarya Rajput Regiment / 23rd Battalion The Rashtriya Rifles Army. Awarded with Sena Medal (Devotion to Duty) on 26 January 2012.[16]
  • Rajveer Chaudhary - Engineer, from Village - Ghat.
  • Vandana Kataria - Hokey player (Jat Samaj, Agra, April 2015,p.33)
  • Dr. Madan Kataria - Founder of Laughter Yoga - an organization for unique yoga practice of laughing.
  • Shivani Kataria - Swimmer from Gurgaon
  • Viraj Chaudhary - National Double Trap Shooter ,State Medalist & first person from kataria caste to play Double Trap. Resident of Muzaffarnagar U.P.
  • Daffadar Keshoram Kataria - Martyr of World War 1 in France from village Basai in Gurgaon
  • Sukhbir Kataria Mla 2009 Gurgaon


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