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Capt. Dalip Singh Ahlawat

Captain Dalip Singh Ahlawat (कैप्टन दलीप सिंह अहलावत) was the author of the Jat history book in Hindi - Jat Veeron Ka Itihas (जाट वीरों का इतिहास). It is a well researched book on the History of Jats.

Early life

Capt. Dalip Singh Ahlawat belonged to Deeghal village which now falls under Beri tahsil of Jhajjar district in Haryana.


After serving in the Indian Army for 32 years, he retired on 19 March 1969.

As author

His book Jat Veeron Ka Itihas was first published in February 1989, and its second edition was printed in April 1992 in Rohtak.

List of Jat clan rulers in Scythia and Central Asia

Cap. Dalip Singh Ahlawat has mentioned following Jat gotras who ruled over Scythia and Central Asia.[1]


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