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Dabas (डबास)[1]/Davas [2](डवास)[3] Dabas (दबास)[4] is a Gotra of Jats found in Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. It is branch of Chauhan.Dilip Singh Ahlawat has mentioned it as one of the ruling Jat clans in Central Asia. [5] They were supporters of Chauhan Confederacy.


  • Dabas Gotra presently dominated the north western landscape of Delhi, they are the largest jat clan and head village is Kanjhawala. Their traditional roots connect them with Dacian rulers of Romania .This clan reached it's peak power under the rule of Raja Marak Singh Dabas, a contemporary of Qutubdin Aibak and the dabas jats established their supremacy over the present day area of Delhi.
  • This gotra is said to be started after a place named Davas (डवास) in north Vardha. They have 16 villages in Delhi, in the neighborhood of Dahiya Jats and have intimate relations with the latter. They are not descendants of Dahiya Jats but came along with them from Rajasthan. Dilip Singh Ahlawat has mention it as one of the ruling Jat clans in Central Asia. [6]
  • डामे राव के नाम पर डबास जाट गोत्र प्रचलित हुआ है.[7]


Ram Swarup Joon[8] writes about Dabas: They have 16 villages in Delhi, in the neighborhood of Dahiya Jats and have intimate relations with the latter. They are not descendants of Dahiya Jats but came along with them from Rajasthan.

B S Dahiya[9] writes:Perhaps they are the same as the Dropice of Herodotus and Derbice of other authors. They were settled in the south east of Caspian sea in sixth century B.C. Perhaps they are the Darvas of Indian literature.

According to puranic legend Dabas are the descendants of Maharishi Dadhichi the great king of Sindh in Vedic period. He had four sons namely Dahiya, Davyas (Dabas), Kundu and Hooda. Dadhichi an emperor turned Maharishi died at the age of 100 years while fighting to non-Aryan tribes. In the battle his four sons fought with utmost bravery and annihilated the non-Aryans.

The epic makers goes on to prove that the families of Dahiya, Dabas, Kundu and Hooda lived together up to the times of Mahabharata in the shape of groups like Soorsaini, Vrishni and Bhoja. They lived in Ujjain, Avantika, Sambal, Indraprastha, Rajasthan and other Northern India parts up to 7th Century AD.

Villages founded by Dabas clan

Dabas Khap

Dabas khap has 12 villages around Delhi. Jat gotra is Dabas. head village is Kanjhawla (कंझावला) . 90 villages of this khap are in Uttar Pradesh in Bijnor. The main villages constituting this khap are : Pipli (पीपली) , Sikaida (सिकैडा) , Padli (पाडली) , Lamba Kheda (लाम्बा खेड़ा) , Mandawli (मंडावली) , Jhilmila (झिलमिला) , Nagina (नगीना) , Mujaffara (मुजफ्फरा) , and Dabaso (डबासो) . [10]

डबास खाप

28. डबास खाप - यह दिल्ली के आसपास फैली 12 गांव की खाप है जिसका मुख्यालय गांव कंझावला में है. इनके अतिरिक्त इस खाप के 90 गाँव उत्तर प्रदेश के जिला बिजनौर में हैं जिनमें डबास गोत्रीय जाट रहते हैं. इनमें पीपली, सिकैड़ा, पाडली, लाम्बाखेड़ा, मंडावली, झिलमिला, नगीना, मुजफ्फरा और डबासो वाला प्रमुख गांव हैं.[11]

Temple of Dada Ghantal Dev at Rani Khera

Temple of Dada Ghantal Dev at Rani Khera

An old famous temple of Dada Ghantal dev is in ancient Jat village of Dabas clan called Rani Khera ,which was named after a Tomar Jat Princess , who was married with a Dabas Jat king , the tomar princess came from Mehrauli to her new matrimonial home with Dabas soldiers. From here dabas clan grew into the largest Jatland Baron clan of Delhi.

Settlement of Dabas Clan in Various States

Distribution in Delhi

Ranikhera, Mubarak Pur, Madan Pur, Rasul Pur, Sultanpur Dabas, Salahpur Majara, Budhan Pur, Kanjhawla, Ladpur, Pooth Khurd, Barwala, Majra Dabas, Chand Pur Dabas, Chand Pur Khurd, Gheora, Sawda, Jat Khor, Galib Pur.

Distribution in Haryana

Villages in Jhajjar District

Girawar, Jahajgarh, Jahajgarh Majra, Kultana, Mohammadpur Mazra, Dubaldhan Majra

Villages in Hisar District

Budana, Shekhu Pur, Gamra, Sheeol, Sisar.

Villages in Palwal District


Distribution in Rajasthan

Villages in Alwar district

Bhanot, Joga Badh, Sarai Kalan, Toderpur, Uchhar,

Villages in Jaipur District

Shahpura, Dhani Baldev, Dhani Dabason Wali, Dhani Tajaji and Rampura Ambabari in Jaipur.

Villages in Sikar District

Jassi Ka Bas, Purana Bas (1), Dabason Ki Dhani (35),

Distribution in Uttar Pradesh

Villages in Gautam Budhnagar district


Villages in Bijnor district

Dabas Gotra found in villages:[12] Alawalpur Nainu, Bhindkali, Muzaffarnagar, Padli, Mandu, Pipli (पीपली) , Sikaida (सिकैडा) , Padli (पाडली) , Lamba Kheda (लाम्बा खेड़ा) , Madhusudanpur Jagan, Mandawli (मंडावली) , Jhilmila (झिलमिला) , Nagina (नगीना) , Mujaffara (मुजफ्फरा) , Dabaso (डबासो), Shadipur Milak

Villages in Muzaffarnagar district

Daulatpur Majra, Khanjahanpur,

Villages in Hapur district


Villages in Bulandshahr district

Shekupur Raura,

Gram deity of Dabas clan

Dada Ghantal Dev an apostle for Dabas and worshipped as gram deity. A learned and deity among gram deities is also the spiritual head of this Community. He lay to rest on the same place where present Mandir exists. Mandir was built at his Samadhi. Every year men and women from far and near places come to pay homage and to seek blessings for better life and peace from Dada Ghantal Dev in the month of Baishakh on the 9th day of Moon, which also happens to be the birthday of Sita a Character in Ramayana.

Notable persons

  • Pravin Dabas - the handsome actor who needs no introduction. He is best remembered for his roles in offbeat films such as Monsoon Wedding and Khosla Ka Ghosla. Is married to Sindhi actress Preeti Jhingiani.
  • R. S. Dabas
  • J C Dabas - IPS ,Delhi
  • Azad Singh Dabas - IFS, Madhya Pradesh, 1985 batch
  • Jaideep Dabas - a businessmen, he belongs to a rich landlord family of Sultanpur Dabas village of Delhi. His father Hari Singh Pradhan is a well-known political figure of Outer Delhi.
  • Ajit Singh Dabas-Better known as Ch.Ajit Singh, is actually from village Kanjhawala Delhi.
  • Dr Pooran Singh Dabas - Sahityakar , Bhasha Vigyani. [13]
  • Mangu Singh (Dabas) - Metro chief Delhi, Mob: 9810079018
  • Sunil Dabas - Recipient of Dronacharya Award, Coach National women's Kabaddi, Gurgaon (Jat Jyoti:11/2012,p.38)
  • Purn Singh Dabas - Retired Professor (2000). DOB:10.7.1038. Served as Professor in Delhi University and Piking. Originally from Majra Dabas. Settled in Delhi, Address: M-93, Saket, New Delhi. Mob:9818211771[14]
  • Adyas Dabas - IRS (C&CE)-2014, Rank-423. M: 9891938104 [15]

Gallery of Dabas people

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