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Bayatu Bhimji (बायतु भीमजी) or Baytu Bhimji is a small village in Baytoo tehsil of Barmer district in Rajasthan.


Pincode of the village is 344034. It is situated 6km away from Baytoo town and 56km away from Barmer city. Despite being a small village, Bayatu Bhimji has got its own gram panchayat. Baniya Dhora, Rekoowala and Gehoon Wala are some of the nearby villages.


The Founders


Jat Gotras


According to Census-2011 information:

With total 73 families residing, Bayatu Bhimji village has the population of 322 (of which 165 are males while 157 are females).[1]

Notable Persons

  • Jeha Ram Potalia - Martyr of 1965 Indo-Pak War. Village:Bayatu Bhimji (Barmer) ।
  • Hema Ram Choudhry (Dharatwal) - Cabinet Minister in Gahlot Govt. (Minister of Revenue Department) ।
  • Khema Ram Bagadwa - Social worker. His daughter is Tara Punia who was elected Parshad in Surat Mahanagar Palika Gujrat in 2005.
  • Rai Singh Machra - National Level Player of Kabaddii, Working as Forest Guard, Dhirimanna. Ph: 02982-241445[2]
  • Sura Ram (Jani)- A.En. PWD , Date of Birth : 19-August-1967, Permanent Address : Baitu Bhimji, Teh : Baitu, Barmer - 344034, Present Address : Nehru Nagar, Barmer - 344001, Phone: 02982-226396, Mob: 9414384202, Email:
  • डूंगरराम काकड़ बाड़मेर, बायतू भीमजी, बी.सी.सी.बी. अध्यक्ष ।
  • प्रभुराम माचरा, बायतू भीमजी, बाड़मेर ।
  • चिमनाराम धतरवाल बायतु भीमजी बाडमेर- 9982141999 ।
  • गोविन्दराम माचरा , बायतू भीमजी, बाड़मेर ।
  • आईदान राम भाम्भू, बायतू भीमजी, ।
  • जगमालाराम माचरा, बायतू भीमजी, बाड़मेर ।
  • लाभुराम माचरा, बायतू भीमजी, बाड़मेर ।

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