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For village see Bhainswala,Bhainswal Kalan

Bhainswal (भैंसवाल) is a gotra of Jats. [1] [2]


Bhainswal Khap

It is also known as Battisa Khap which originally consisted of 32 villages but now the number has increased to 90 villages. This Khap is near Shamli ( Shamli District) and its Chaudharahat is in Bhainswal village and currently Ch. Udaiveer Singh is the Choudhary of this reputed Battisa Khap. Bhainswal village is amongst the big villages of Shamli.An another Bhainswal village in is Sonipat. This is of Gathwala clan Khap . They write Malik, which is their title and Bhainswal is their Chuadharahat. Madu Singh Malik, Dharm Singh Malik, Kitab Singh Malik are notable persons of this Khap. [3]

Malik is not the Gotra of Bhainswal village near Shamli. Main Gotra of this village is Panwar.



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