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Bhaumia (भौमिया), meaning earth-god, is a village deity of the south-eastern Punjab and Rajasthan. Bhumia is worshipped by Hindus of all classes in the village, being looked upon as its sole guardian deity.

Variants of name

Bhumia's shrine

H.A. Rose[1] writes that In marked contrast to the tribal Jathera is the village Bhumia of the south-eastern Punjab. There, when a new colony or village is founded in the south-east Punjab the first thing to be done before houses are actually built is to raise a mound of earth on a spot near the proposed village and plant a jand tree on it. Houses are then built. The first man who dies in the village, whether he be a Brahman, a Jat or a Chamar, is burnt or buried on this mound, and on it is built a masonry shrine which is named after him. The fortunate man is deified as the Bhumia or earth-god, and worshipped by Hindus of all classes in the village, being looked upon as its sole guardian deity.

Offerings to Bhumia

At weddings the bride-groom before starting to the bride's village resorts to this shrine and makes offerings to him. If an ox is stolen, a house is broken into, or pestilence breaks out, if crops fail or the rainfall is scanty, if locusts visit the village or any other calamity befall, Bhumia's shrine is the first place to which the Jats resort for divine help.

Such faith is placed in this deity that in the event of plague the villagers will not vacate their houses without consulting the Bhumia. [2]

जूझा और भूमिया

जूझा के अर्थ शहीद होते हैं । धर्म, देश और जाति की रक्षा के लिए जो युद्ध-क्षेत्र में मारे जाते हैं, उन्हें जूझा कहते हैं और जो विधर्मी तथा विजातीय लोगों पर विजय पाते हैं, उन्हें बली अथवा महावीर कहने की प्रथा प्राचीन लोगों में थी । पीछे महावीरबली की जगह भूमिया शब्द का प्रयोग होने लग गया था । भूमिया लोंगों की पूजा भी होने लग गई है।[3]

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