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Brahmabhadra (ब्रह्मभद्र) was Chandravanshi King descendant of Virabhadra in the lineage of Puru.

Jat Gotras from Brahmabhadra

Bamraulia (बमरौलिया) Bamrolia (बमरोलिया) Bamroliya Bamrolia (बमरोलिया) Vamraulia (वमरौलिया) Bhimbhrauliya (भिम्भ्रौलिया) is a clan or gotra of Jats found in Rajasthan, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh in India. This gotra started after Chandravanshi Raja Brahmabhadra (ब्रह्मभद्र) descendant of Virabhadra in the lineage of Puru. [1] [2]This gotra is based on village Bamrauli situated near Agra. The early history of Bamraulia gotra is not known. As per the books maintained by traditional Jagas, Jats in Yudhisthira samvat 192 had established a village Bamrauli Khera on the banks of Chenab River. Raja Brahmdeo ruled here.

Chronology of Brahmabhadra

Ram Swarup Joon[3] has given the chronology of this Brahmabhadra, obtained from the records of the Bards of Dholpur.

In the branch of Puru there was ‘Sanyati’ whose son was Virabhadra. Virabhadra had four sons

According to the bards of Dahiyas, the descendants of above spread as under:

(a) Pon Bhadra’s to Haryana, Brij, and Gwalior

(b) Kalhan Bhadra’s to Kathiawar and Gujrat.

(c) Atisur Bhadra’s to Malwa

(d) Jakh Bhadra’s to Punjab and Kashmir

(e) Dahi Bhadra’s to Punjab and Central Asia

(f) Brahma Bhadra’s by the name of Bamraulia to Jammu and Kashmir, Haridwar and Punjab (the ruling family of Dholpur Jat rulers is from this branch)


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