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Location of Chabavas in Barmer District

Chabawas (चाबावास) (Khokhsar) is a village in Baytu tehsil district Barmer in Rajasthan. It gets name from 'Chaba' a clan name of Jats who lived at this place earlier.

Jat Gotras

There are about 1050 families living in the village out of them 650 families are of Jats. Main Gotra with maximum population is Karwasra.

Other Castes

Other castes are Suthar, Sain, Rajput, Meghwal, Naik, Brahman, Jain, Swami, Sant, Jogi, Rawana Rajput etc.


This village was a leading one in the agitation against jagirdars for the abolition of jagirdari system. 10 people of this village became martyr in movement against jagirdari abolition.

Chabavas is a new village created from Bagthal (Khokhsar) in Baytu tehsil in Barmer district in Rajasthan.

Notable persons

  • Veerendra K. Chaba - Social Worker.
  • Chainaram Chaba - Health department in Jaisalmer.

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