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For village Dahar see Dahar Panipat

Dahar (दहड़)[1] Dahar (दाहर)[2] is Jat Gotra. Dahar (डाहर)[3] [4] is a Muslim Jat clan found in Shahpur, Pakistan. [5]

Dahar (दहर) Jat tribe, akin to the Langah, found in Multan. [6]


H.A. Rose[7] refers Maclagan who describes Bhuttas as a Jat or Rajput clan found in Multan tahsil and allied to the Langahs, etc., Bhutta, Langah, Dahar, Shajra and Naich, being said to be sons of Mahli in the couplet : —

Saghi, jihāndi dādi, Sodi jihāndi mā,
Mahli jāi panj putr — Dahar, Bhutta, Langah, Naich, Shajra.

Distribution in Pakistan

Distribution in Bahawalpur State


According to 1911 census the Bipar were the principal Muslim Jat clan in Bahawalpur State with population of Bipar (508) . [8]

Notable persons


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