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Author:Laxman Burdak, IFS (R)

Ekashana (एकाशन) is an ancient tribe mentioned in Mahabharata. They dwell by the side of the river Sailoda flowing between the mountains of Meru and Mandara. There used to grow the Kichaka bamboo. Sailoda is identified by V.S. Agarwal with the present Khotan River. Kichaka is a chinese word. [1]


Jat clans


Sandhya Jain[2] has listed them in Mahabharata Tribes with unclear position in Kurukshetra War.... 18. Ekashana/Jyoha (ज्यॊह) - Brought tributes to Yudhisthira (II.48.3). [3]

In Mahabharata

Ekashana (एकाशन) Mahabharata (II.48.3)

Sabha Parva, Mahabharata/Book II Chapter 48 describes Kings who presented tributes to Yudhishthira. Ekashana (एकाशन) are mentioned in Mahabharata (II.48.3). [4]....They that dwell by the side of the river Sailoda flowing between the mountains of Meru and Mandara and enjoy the delicious shade of topes of the Kichaka Venu (bamboo) viz., the Khashas, Ekashanas, the Jyohas, the Pradaras, the Dirghavenas, the Pashupashas, the Kunindas, the Tanganas, and Paratanganas, brought as tribute heaps of gold measured in dronas (jars) and raised from underneath the earth by ants and therefore called after these creatures.


Notable persons



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