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Gobara (गोबारा) is a gotra of Jats.[1] [2]



Behustun Inscription Line (71) reads - King Darius says: The following is what I did in the second and third year of my rule. The province called Elam (Ûvja) revolted from me. An Elamite named Atamaita they made their leader. Then I sent an army unto Elam. A Persian named Gobryas (Gaubaruva), my servant, I made their leader. Then Gobryas set forth with the army; he delivered battle against the Elamites. Then Gobryas destroyed many of the host and that Atamaita, their leader, he captured, and he brought him unto me, and I killed him. Then the province became mine

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Gobara named villages are in Ganjam and Cuttack districts in Orissa.

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