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Gohil (गोहिल) is gotra of Jats.[1][2] Gohil clan is found in Afghanistan.[3] James Tod places it in the list of Thirty Six Royal Races.[4]


This gotra originated from descendants of Guhadatta (गुहदत्त). [5]


We find in Sanchi Inscriptions: No. 77. — Ujeniya Gohilasa Visasa-cha dānam. :" Gift of Gohila and of Viswa of Ujain."

Prithviraj's samanta was Govind Gohils of Pipad - Gohils of Pipad were samantas of Chauhans.

H. W. Bellew writes that the Khattak are probably the same people as the Satakh or Stakhi mercantile Rajput, and are in two great divisions — Torman and Bolac. Torman, or Turan, is in two divisions — Tari and Taraki. Tari section includes Gul, who are for Goel or Gohil Chohan.[6]

Alexander Cunningham[7] writes ....According to the native histories and local traditions Balabhi was attacked and destroyed in the Samvat year 580, which is equivalent to A.D. 523, if in the Vikrama era, or A.D. 658, if in the Saka era. Colonel Tod has adopted the former; but as Hwen Thsang visited Balabhi in A.D. 640, the date must clearly be referred to the later era of Saka. If the statement is correct, we may refer the capture of Balabhi to Raja Govinda of the Baroda copper-plate inscription, who is recorded to have re-established the old family, as well as the old name of the former kingdom of Saurashtra. As he was the great-grandfather of the grandfather of Karka Raja, who was reigning in A.D. 812, his own accession must have taken place in the third quarter of the seventh century, that is, between A.D. 650 and 675, which agrees with the actual date of A.D. 658, assigned by the native historians for the destruction of Balabhi, and the extinction of the Balabhi sovereignty in the peninsula of Gujarat.

About a century after their expulsion from Balabhi the representative of the Balabhis, named Bappa or Vappaka, founded a new kingdom at Chitor, and his son Guhila, or Guhaditya, gave to his tribe the new name of Guhilawat, or Gahilot, by which they are still known.

Alexander Cunningham[8] writes ... We know that the Rathors occupied Pali to the cast of Balmer in the Samvat year 1283, or A.D., 1220. This settlement of the Rathors must have driven the great body of the Gujars from their ancient seats and forced them to the south towards Anhalwara Pattan and Eder. This was actually the case of the Gohils, who, being expelled from Marwar by the Rathors, settled in the eastern side of the peninsula, which was named after them Gohilwara.

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