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Goperao (गोपेराव)[1] [2] Goperav (गोपेराव)[3] Gopa Rai (गोपा राय) Gopirai (गोपीराय) is gotra of Jats Sialkot Amritsar, Punjab and Sialkot, Muzaffargarh and Montgomery in Pakistan.


This gotra originated from people who kept more number of cows. There was a republic named Gopal. [4]

According to H.A. Rose, Gopa Rai (गोपा राय) tribe of Jats claiming Solar Race origin and descent from its eponym through Millu. [5]


Notable persons


The eponym Millu migrated from Amritsar to Sialkot. Also found in Muzaffargarh and Montgomery in which Districts they are classed as agricultural clans. [6]


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