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Hukum Singh Panwar (Pauria) is a reputed Jat historian. He wrote the book - The Jats:Their Origin, Antiquity and Migrations, 1993. Publisher - Manthan Publications, Rohtak, Haryana. ISBN 81-85235-22-8

He was born at village Kanheli in Rohtak district in Haryana.

He passed away a few years ago. His work – the Jats- antiquities, origins, and migrations, was the product of a lifetime labour of love.

Other books by him are:

1. "The Jats of Haryana", (accepted for Publication by Anthropological Survey of India, Dehra Dun).

2. "The Institution of Marriage among Jats of Haryana". (accepted for publication by The Eastern Anlhropologists, Lucknow).

3. In Press:

a. The Ethnicity of Krishna-Vasudeva

b. The Parasurama Myth.

c. The Gotras and Pravaras of the Jats

He lived in Rohtak, and was the Pricipal of a College there. His daughter lives in Canada, and he visited Canada often. He brought a depth of vision and in-depth detailed research to his work. The list of references and bibliography quoted is extremely extensive to put it mildly. The footnotes to his reference make interesting reading, for they are monographs in themselves, which can and do stand-alone.

He brought a lot of original thinking to his research. When the historiography of Jat history if written, Professor Pauria's name will stand out as one of the leading historians of his times.

The book, originally printed by man than Press in Rohtak, Haryana, is now out of print.

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