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For similar names see - Indergarh
Map of Karnal District

Indergarh (इन्दरगढ़) is a village in Indri tehsil of Karnal district in Haryana.


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Dhulia rulers of Indergarh : There is mention of Dhulia rulers by Ram Swarup Joon[1] in Badli area of Haryana. Badra Sen was an officer in the army of Prithvi Raj. Badli Pargana was his estate. He belonged to a Dhulia family of Indergarh. Before the Chauhan rule, Bhadra, Ajmer, Indergarh etc. were the capitals of the Gor Jats. After the death of Prithvi Raj there was chaos in the country. The Khokhar Jats slayed Mohammad Ghori near Multan. There was a woman named Bodli. The village was named Badli in her honour. Sant Sarang Dev's samadhi (shrine) still exists in Badli and is widely worshipped.

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