Issarheddi Bahadurgarh

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Issarheddi Bahadurgarh (इस्सरहेड़ी) is a village in Bahadurgarh tahsil of Jhajjar district in Haryana. This village is also known by the name Ishwar Haveli.


Founded by Kalu Maan.[1]


It is near Najafgarh town of Delhi. Neighbouring villages are Jharauda Kalan and Mitraon (both in Delhi).

The village is situated on the back-side of CRPF camp and is very close to Delhi border. In fact, the village's lands are surrounded on three sides by Delhi's villages and sometimes one wonders why this village is in Haryana.



Notable persons

Sunil Maan The model and winner of Grasim Mr. India contest 2004, hails from this village

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