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Jadgal (जदगल) Jagdal (जगदल) Jatgal (जटगल) is used for Jat in Baluchistan and Afghanistan. It is Baloch Jat clan found in Afghanistan.[1] Jaghdal (जघदाल) is the Multani and Balochi term for a Jat.[2]


H. W. Bellew[3] writes that It is curious to note the use of the affix -gal and -gali here in the southern extreme of eastern Afghanistan, just as amongst the Kafir tribes in the extreme north of this frontier, as in the Waega, Beragal, Bashgal, etc., before noticed ; the Jadgal are also called Jagdal (जगदल) by a transposition of syllables and confusion or corruption of consonants, not at all uncommon in Balochistan; and it is probable that the places in Afghanistan called Jagdalak in Jalalabad district of Kabul, and Jaldak in Kalati Ghilzi of Kandahar, may indicate former tenancy by the Jat, a race widely spread over northern India, where it constitutes the main ethnic element of the population, in Punjab specially.

In Baluchistan the Jat is also known as Jatoi or Jatgal or Jagdal[4], The Jagdal, the notorious camel drivers, however, were not Jats but some other tribes akin to Jats.[5]

In Rajatarangini

Rajatarangini[6]tells.... The danger over, king Uchchala had other minor difficulties which arose and passed away. Bhimadeva set up Bhoja, son of the late king Kalasha, and brought Jagaddala, king of Darad, to help them. Sahla, a son of Harsha and Sanjapala, brother of Darshanapala, were in the party. The king of Darad came out to attack Uchchala but the wise king induced him, by friendly words to return to his own country. Sahla privately followed the king of Darad. Bhoja retired to his country, but his servant having accepted a bribe betrayed his master, and Bhoja soon received from the king the punishment befitting a robber. (p.19)

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