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Jatasara (जटासरा)[1] [2] Jatasra (जटासरा)[3] Jatasura (जटासुरा) Jatasara (जतासरा)[4] is a Gotra of Jats. They were supporters of Tomar Confederacy. [5][6][7]


B S Dahiya[8] writes: They are mentioned in Brahat Samhita as Jatasura (जटासुरा), along with the Potals, Chhinas, Bhallas, etc. Mahabharata reports that Krishna was abducted by Jatasura and Sabha Parva mentions Jatasura Madra-Kas, as bringing presents for Pandavas. They are now called Asra (आसरा), the prefix Jat, coming from Mahabharata times is dropped, just as Jatranas are called now Ranas only.[9]

Sub divisions of Tunwar

Bhim Singh Dahiya[10] provides us list of Jat clans who were supporters of the Tunwar when they gained political ascendancy. The Jatasra clan supported the ascendant clan Tunwar and became part of a political confederacy.[11]

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